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As a courtesy for our clients, we immediately send out “e-advice” emails when there are changes in the industry, or updates we feel it is important for our clients to know. In addition to our e-advices, we send out annual newsletters to our clients with information for the upcoming year concerning a variety of business matters. The topics listed below are examples of e-advices that we have sent out in the past: 

-Fidelity Protection - New Issues Concerning Breach of Security Coverage 

-California Use Tax Update 

-Change to the New W-2 Reporting Requirements 

-New Escheat Law 

-ALTA/EIC Forum 

-D.B.O proposed changes to annual reports by CPAs 

-C.E.A. Information on New C.A.R. Contract 

-State Controller’s Office – NIL Report 

-Special Assessment for Independent Escrow Companies 

-Cyber Fraud Alert 

-New Employer Information-Reporting Requirements of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) for 2016 

-Annual Escrow Institute of California conference 

-D.B.O. Advisory Committee meeting 

-C.A.R. Wire Fraud Addendum 

-Change in Notary Fee and New Filing Deadlines 

-Extinguishment and Renewal of ITINs 

-Change to Filing Deadline for Form 1099-MISC 

-New Form 1099-S 

-Annual Trust Liability Report 

-Escrow Institute of California annual conference follow-up

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